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FAQ.1 What is meaning of 65B Certificate ?

The 65B certificate is the legal provision of Evidence Act, under Section 65B. Special provision by this section made to make a secondary copy from your original device (it may your mobile, camera, CCTV, audio recorder etc. – it is any device/ machine that operates electronically and creates media data. The original data generated/ created from your original device (it is also called a primary device or a primary evidence) is copied/ extracted to another device or memory card /CD /hard disc or printed on paper, is to be treated as secondary evidence according 65 B act.

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FAQ.2- Why Audio Transcriptions are Essential ?

Hon'ble Court's time is most valuable. And listening audio recordings are only seen in rare cases. And they may not prefer listening, prior to reading transcript, and only if they found merit in transcription. As special skilled lawyers of particular law works well in courts, as our specialized format of transcriptions works to easy to understand audio recordings to Hon’ble Courts.

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FAQ.3- What is specialized format of Audio Transcription ?

Transcript. Simple meaning can be say type of words which was spoken but understand any audio or video only typing is not sufficient because any word of that spoken and if context behind that word has not given then that written conversation would not be understandable.

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FAQ.4- What is correct format of 65B Certificate ?

No. There is no mandatory format issued by legislature or Judiciary. The format may drafted according provision mentioned in 65b Evidence Act. The certificate mentioning details of device and details of data which was extracted by it. While issuing certificate, details of data shall be preserve and details such as date, timings, serial numbers of that device and other details if that is important/ necessary. While extracting data details and values of the data shall not be changed.

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FAQ.5- What if I don't have original (or primary) device in my custody ?

65b section of Evidence Act is States about providing copies (secondary version) from a computer. This provision has very narrow scope. This law is not explains what and if or what conditions may not apply, simply it has not given any exceptions. Section only describes about computer output, not about mobile phone data extractions, website data, but we all these assumes are to be computers. Today variety of devices, produces variety of data.

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