How effective is our specialized Audio Transcription Format..?


Transcript. Simple meaning can be say that, typing of words which was spoken..! But understand that, in any audio transcription, giving only typing is not sufficient. Because any word of that spoken and if context behind that word has not given, then that written conversation would not be effective and understandable.


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    There are more things that need to express in transcription.


    Let me explain you with real examples :–


    Marking patches [--] for words that in audio that transcriber could not understand, where voice is low or may be any word is not pronounced well. i.e. 1) दोन वर्ष [--] गोष्ट करायचो आम्ही जॉबची..!


    (Remarkable expressions) of particular words. i.e. crying, sadly, by laughing, angrily etc. 1) बरोबर ए का..? हो.. (हळू आवाजात) २) बरं..! (आश्चर्यचकीताने ने)


    Need to give {clarity of words} - words that spoken wrongly or village/ uneducated languages both words need to be given, 1 - Wrong & 2 - {proper}. Please see real examples - 1) हॉउ {हो}, 2) डायवर्स {Divorse}, 3) प्रोशेस {Procedure} etc.


    When a word# or set of words# not spoken completely or stopped while speaking a word# as other side is speaking or there is no context created (as its incomplete) when that word# between those next words or sentences. Such words are often spoken in confusion, panic or haste. i.e. 1) मैं#.. गणेश मेरा गुस्सा इतना खराब है..! 2) टाळी दोन हातांनी वाज#..! 3) मग कशाला.... जुज# जुजती....?


    Exclamatory ! or question ?
    ? or ! marking at appropriate sentences or next to those specific words ! i.e. 1) तोंडावरती बोलणं योग्य..! 2) अच्छा..!


You may have seen above that, we have systematically inserted keyboard symbols between words to identify more exact meaning of audio transcriptions.


Why such format needed, please see different industry's example - film story narration done by writer, to a director. Think about director, who understands story without making movie. If you seen how writers narrates their writing for movie to the director ? And please note that many times good stories rejected, as writer may not good at convincing.


We do whatever possible to present your audio evidence better, by our specialized format of Audio Transcription. And film director profession is very friendly and casual manner and Court proceedings works differently. Its need authentic, verbatim, conversation without cutting disputed context.


Our every transcriptions comes with 100% accuracy guarantee, with specialized format - its content of word with expressions, clarifications, exactly try to give as how we feel while listening that audio.


As while we do transcription, we go through with thorough analysis, such as which part of audio is most important. After thorough analysis, we make Transcription with specialized format, and highlighting those sr no. of lines (like – 23 25 28) which are important and mentioning their numbers in synopsis.


Note - Highlighting Sr No's like this only, It would be better for reading. Not Transcription text highlighting.


We write synopsis of audio conversation, after making transcription (on first page), as its saved time of Hon'ble Courts.


As special skilled lawyers of particular law practice works well in courts, same our specialized format of transcriptions works to understand easily of audio recordings to Hon’ble Courts.


We do not accept, non-merit audio's. For that we do (free of cost) audio analysis of it, before starting transcription job.


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Siddharth Bhagat