Explanation of specialized Format with Examples

What actually our specialized format is, please see following step-by-step details.

A - Short Description of Format

On the first page of transcript, there is a small documentation. Which describes that, how to read our transcript. How we wrote transcript with help of various keyboard symbols. For example -   /  #   /   %   /   ..   /   ....   /   !   /   ?   /   { }   /   ( )  /   etc.

Actual text in Format
Dummy text  -   Index File No.3  /  Audio File Name  - Call@919822012345.mp3
Dummy text  -    Duration - 02:34 (mm:ss)  /  Date & Time -: Jan 1, 2023 - 19:57 (24 hr time)
Block A (Statements & documentation)   Audio Transcript Rules to learn maximum correct meaning of audio conversations. Therefor transcript has marked with various symbols to learn unspoken words/ exact meaning to understand. Please see following symbols and their meaning by us. At every 30 seconds (approx.), we have marked to see which written line is where in actual audio file. This Transcripts is 100% Accurate. Important lines are marked by yellow boxes in sr. numbers. Synopsis of Audio is only taken from above mentioned audio.
Block B [--] - square brackets with hyphens - for audio patches that couldn't understand.
Block C { } - Curly Brackets - for words were corrected in English or in same languages.
Block D ( ) - Half round brackets - for expressive words
Block E # - Hash symbol - for incomplete spoken words
Block F % - Percentage sign - for spoken words may have been different than we written it or where we are not sure (in rare cases).
Block G   ..     -   2 dots for - something saying is not completed or not full stopped or sentence not completed
Block H   ....     -   4 dots for - saying any word by pronouncing long or loud or pressing that word by speaker..
Block I (Statement)   -   Names & their relations mentioned in Name column, was informed by our client, we have only given for easy understanding of Transcript & presentation purpose.
Block J (Dummy Text)  Synopsis of Conversation  -   This call recording conversation between Ramesh & Suresh, about money transactions, where Ramesh called Suresh and asked about his money. In said conversation Suresh told to Ramesh that he will get his salary credited in next 2 days, immediately he will transfer the same.

Lets see how those symbol works..!

Now below blocks with A,B,C,D marking is actual specialized format


B   -   [--]

When call recording or a voice recording is gone to be more natural, participant of that voice may speak, which cannot be hear well or sound goes to minimized or his/ her village language, which that difficult to understand or simply it is not understood, therefor we marked it with a dedicated symbol – [--], between those words, which was very well understand and written. Also see the timing mentioned in every transcript at approx. every 30 seconds.

Sr. No. Name See following examples for   B   -   [--] Timing
22 Ramesh पैसे देयला कधी येतोस.. ? 00:32
23 Suresh येतो.. [--] [--]..
24 Ramesh काय..?
25 Suresh येतो उद्या परवा म्हटलं..!
26 Ramesh बर..


C   -   { }

In many times local or village language is not speaking correct, and words they pronounced is not standard, which actually need to speak. Sometime speaker wrongly pronounced while speaking in hurry. There we insert correct pronounced word in curly bracket, next to the actual spoken word, by speaker. therefor we marked it with a dedicated symbol – { }.

Examples See following examples for   C   -   { }
You may have learned from above examples that we have written as actual pronunciation of words.
Exa.1 हॉउ {हो}
Exa.2 १५ cr सांगितलेत.. लंबसंब {lumb sum}
Exa.3 म्हणून त्या गोष्टी मला भक्कम बाजूच्या वाजतात {वाटतात}..!
Exa.4 बाहेरची लोकं नुसती बघायला अस्तीती {असतात} ..!
Exa.5 तुमचे स्टेट्स असायचे.. डेली-डेली {daily} म्हटलं..!
Exa.6 ते CP {Commissioner of Police} साहेबांनी मदत केली का आपल्याला..?
Exa.7 सामांज्यस्यानी नसल मिटवायचं.. तर कोर्टात आपण डायवर्स {Divorse} घेऊन टाकू..!
Exa.8 मी कधी सीन {chaos} केला..?


D   -   ( )

When there is expressions behind the word spoken and it is require to give that expressions or types of sound or human gestures like hand, head etc. or some spoken words sound like cannot be written but we get to know which word it is, mostly village slang words (please see example no.7). For Example - if person says yes or no, but by saying it he is angry, sad, laughing any expression etc. that may change the context of word ore sentence. therefor we marked it with a dedicated symbol – ( ), between those words, which was very well understand and written.

Examples See following examples for   D   -   ( )
Exa.1 ऐक (आवाज चढवून)..!
Exa.2 तू रहा.. आम्ही जातो.. तू रहा आम्ही जातो.. (वैतागून)..
Exa.3 A. कधी निघणार ए..?
B. निघतोय अर्ध्या तासात..
A. हुम.. गुड मॉर्निंग..! (चेस्टने)
B. हो..
A. काय..? (आश्चर्याने)..!
Exa.4 (Latch चा आवाज)..!
Exa.5 A. २० हजार.. २० हजारची औषध.. होयची का नाय.. आप्पा तुमची..? (आप्पांना विचारणा)
B. [--].. (होकारात्मक उत्तर)
Exa.6 A. काय करते गं.. बने..? (कळवळीने)
B. बोलले ना.. उद्या बोलते म्हणून..!
Exa.7 (अन) परत सॉरी पण म्हणती..!
(ते बघा) आला.. दरवाजा उघडून आला..!